Mounting RadioPoppers right on top of your camera

Reader Steve Lee has come up with what looks like a nice way to mount a RadioPopper Transmitter right on top of your camera.

As you've realized by now if you've bought these amazing little devices, they don't have any sort of shoe-mounting mechanism if you want to use your camera's built-in flash to cue the transmitter. So, unless you were attaching it to a flash that's already in your camera's hot shoe or you're using an SU-800 to trigger your flashes, your options weren't very good.

Steve makes these babies in his garage, and is going to be taking orders for them. As this is truly a cottage industry, he says he's going to make about 20 at a time and then fill orders once he's reached that threshold. I don't have one, because I've got an SU-800 and don't really use the pop-up flash as a trigger.

You can ask questions, place orders or find out more by emailing Steve at this address:

It looks like he's taking a piece of acrylic or plastic and molding it so that it will fit in your hot shoe and then give enough clearance for the pop-up flash to work when it's fully sprung. Clever.


The Trout Whisperer said...

I thought all my dreams had come true, just what I needed. So out I went into my garage/workshop and knocked up a little bracket and mounted a wireless transmitter on top. I connected a cable from the D300 to the wireless (so it knows when the camera triggers). It recognises the signal from the camera and triggers the SB-800. However when I pop- up the flash, the camera does NOT sent a simultaneous signal to the wireless. So it is still one or the other.
How did you overcome this Steve?
Would appreciate your comment.

Thomas said...

You know, I've had a similar problem where I sometimes have an SB-800 mounted on the camera and then have a Pocket Wizard running from the PC socket to trigger other flashes. And to be honest, I don't remember exactly what I've done to get them both to play nice together. For a while I had a theory that Nikon has structured so that one is disabled when the other is in use, but that seems not to always be true, even though in some ways it would make sense to have that built in. I'll investigate some and try to get back to you, because this is something that has occasionally frustrated me. Frankly, I may have resolved it (it seems to occur just when I have the least amount of time to really think about the problem, in the middle of a shoot) just by turning everything off and then on again.

Also, I'm a bit confused as a read your comment.. are you trying to get BOTH your transmitter and your pop-up to trigger the same flash? Are you setting up your pop-up to act as a commander, or is it just on ttl? And what sort of transmitter are you using? These things might help me determine what the issue is.