Clients become friends in this line of work

One of the best things about working with couples at their weddings is that, after weeks or months of talking with them and getting to know what they're like and then spending one of the biggest days of their lives right next to them is that we often end up thinking of each other as friends rather than just "clients" and "our wedding photographer." Such is the case with Dave & Samantha, and Stephanie & Sam.

Dave & Samantha asked me to photograph their wedding at Ceresville Mansion in Frederick, Maryland back in May of 2006. Not only did they have a beautiful setting for their big day, but they had a rocking good time.

Dave & Samantha's ceremony was held outdoors at Ceresville Mansion.

Thoughtful speeches and then wild dancing at their wedding near Frederick, Maryland.

Stephanie was one of Samantha's bridesmaids, and when she called me in the summer of 2007 to ask about whether I could come north to her wedding I was delighted. As it happened, I was in the parking lot of Ikea when she first rang me up, and we talked for a long time.

She and Sam ended up holding their ceremony at a very pretty church in West Chester, New York, and enjoyed a lovely reception at the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx. This was a really fun place to photograph, and with lots of family and some crazy friends there the whole celebration was a blast.

Stephanie & Sam got married in New York, and asked me to come up for the weekend to photograph their celebration.

Stephanie & Sam are still up in Providence, but there's a chance they'll move down here to the DC area for Residency. So they were down here over the weekend and they emailed me about getting together. Once again, we were delighted to join them. We lingered in a nice Thai restaurant in Silver Spring for lunch, and then — because it's mandatory — we got some ice cream.

Stephanie tries to ensure Sam doesn't eat too much ice cream.

Listening to intense philosophical conversation during lunch.
Samantha & Dave and Stephanie & Sam and Edna & me.

It really is a great privilege for me, and frankly I'm honored, when couples enjoy my work enough to recommend me to their friends. Even better is when we have the chance to keep in touch and occasionally get together in the months and years after their weddings.

Stephanie, remember that the restaurants are going to be much better here than in Rochester. You gotta remember the important stuff as you make these life decisions.

You can see some more photos from Stephanie & Sam's wedding here.

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