Free Photoshop course coming up this week

One website I visit pretty regularly is put forth by CreativeTechs, a group of Mac-oriented smart folks out in Seattle. On their tipsblog the offer up very useful information not only about Macs but about Photoshop, InDesign and other programs as well.

Now they're offering a free online Photoshop CS4 class that starts in just a few days. What's the catch?

The class is free. CreativeTechs are betting, they say, that they can do better in the long run by exposing people to these classes than by charging for what might be called "private" workshops where only those who can make it to the Sheraton on Route 5 can learn what they have to say.

I've signed up. Even though I know a fair amount about Photoshop, there are always new tips and tricks and methods that surprise me and end up helping my workflow. Having dished out $100 and more from time to time in the past few years to drive down to the Sheraton on Route 5 for these things, the fact that I don't have to pay anything to learn something seems like a pretty good deal. All I had to do was register with my email address, which doesn't seem to me to be exactly an invasion of my privacy. (Hint -- I want people to know how to contact me, because they might be trying to hire me.)

So, the catch is that there seems to be no catch. Go sign up. The first class is this Thursday, the 26th, starting at 2pm e.s.t. in the U.S. For those of you in Seoul, Toyko or Perth, you'll have to set your alarms to wake up a little before before 4 in the morning. So maybe there's no catch if you live in the few time zones around Seattle, but if you're on the other side of the planet you're not going to catch much sleep.

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