My RadioPopper PX units have arrived!

Last night when I got home from a shoot far, far away I found that the very nice UPS man had left me a box containing my new RadioPopper PX Transmitter and three PX receivers.

For now I've not had a chance to do much other than stick Velcro on them and figure out the many menu options. But soon I'll have a larger review.

One thing that I've been wondering about is how well the new transmitter might work with my old P1 receivers. Reading through the manual, it seemed that I had to set up the transmitter to specifically emulate the old model. That's fine, but that meant that it would not fire the new receivers unless I set them to also emulate the P1 system. And that, it seems, would limit their functionality in some other areas.

However, it looks — and I should stress that I haven't fully tested this yet except as how it works in the distance from my office chair to my light table — like the old receivers work correctly even without the transmitter being set in P1 mode. I'll try to get a real world field test in soon, but if that is indeed the case, I'll be pleased. I've got a lot of SB-800's and I'm not sure I need all new receivers to make them work.

And I've already figured out another (better??? Yes.) way to attach them to my flashes. I'm just not groovin' on the idea of the receiver hanging half-off into space. But more on that later.

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