PocketWizard annouces new eTTL equipment

PocketWizard has announced today a new generation of transmitters that are designed to let you take advantage of the e-TTl capabilities of Canon flashes. This looks pretty exciting, and is a departure from the traditional mode of merely firing your flash from a distance, which they have done very reliably for many years.

So far they do not have the gear available for Nikon flashes, claiming that will all be available in the 2nd quarter of 2009. And I don't know yet what the system will do with studio lights. But in general, I think this heralds a big step in the evolution of lighting, and will likely be followed up in the coming months and years by a significant rethinking of how flashes are made and how they can work with your cameras.

More information can be found from the right-now-terribly-sluggish PocketWizard site, and you can also read a very thorough review over at David's Strobist site.

At a glance, they seem to work differently than RadioPoppers but with an eye toward giving you the same capabilities (and more). It could be a good year for lighting news!

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