RadioPoppers high-speed sync with Alien Bees!

If you wander over to the RadioPopper blog they have a posting up now that offers some exciting news about the new JrX receivers. They claim that these will enable you to use your Alien Bees monolights in sync with high shutter speeds. They demonstrate this on a video on the blog that's long on excitement and not so long on meaty nuggets. But it's worth a watch.

I just ordered my new PX transmitter and three PX receivers, which will replace my old P1 setup. That should be here in just a couple days, and I'm eager to try it out. Frankly, because the JrX receivers aren't shipping yet I hadn't thought about the possibility of high-speed sync, though I have been thrilled about the possibility that I could use them at all to control my Bees. But the high-speed sync thing does take it to another level.

PocketWizard also has a tease to something new on their website, to be formally announced on Monday the 16th. I've heard some speculation that they are trying to do something along the same lines as the RadioPopper people, and that maybe there's even some cahooting going on, but I guess we'll find out Monday.

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