How NOT to do a group photo

The BBC's website has this story today that deals with the problems that can arise when you get a group of people together for a portrait.

Now that Benjamin Netanyahu has finally emerged as the next leader of Israel, he has formed his cabinet and introduced the group to the media. But two newspapers in Israel, described by the BBC as ultra-orthodox, were uncomfortable with the fact that there are two women in the group.

The newspaper "Shaa Tova" chose to black out the women in the photo it published. Their rationale, seemingly shared by the newspaper "Yated Neeman," is that publishing photos of women is a violation of their modesty. Some newspapers with this "philosophy" apparently never even mention the names of women in public life. Good thing Tzipi Livni didn't win. (Awkward!)

But Yated Neeman went one weird step further, replacing the women in the photo with images of men!

Having built my career on the carcasses of newspapers, this makes me cringe. I'm all for respecting cultural vagaries, but this falls off the cliff of accepted practice into the abyss of ridiculousness.

Here's an idea: instead of lying to your readers, why don't you just NOT RUN THE PICTURE? If it offends you to think of women having public lives, which according to an activist interviewed in The Independent, it does, then just don't mention it.

By the way, speaking of The Independent, I did find this juxtaposition interesting on their website.

But in all seriousity, the group photo did suffer from another serious problem, which can be solved if you read my next post.

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