Customer Service is key

Most of the time when I have to deal with a product issue it's a frustrating experience where nothing gets resolved. Companies hide behind the FAQ pages and the "support" sections of their websites and if you're lucky you can send an email that may be answered by an autoresponder with a tracking number within 48 hours to which you should not reply. But that's not the case with Leap Devices, makers of RadioPopper Transmitters & Receivers.

After using my new RadioPopper Px Transmitter and multiple receivers for a few weeks, the darned thing began to act kinda hinky on me. Occasional misfires, flashes going off at the wrong power, and other little frustrations began to make me wonder about my setup. Frankly, I thought the problem likely lay in my SB-800's. They've been blown down to the ground by windgusts toppling my light stands so many times I figured their insides were all messed up. Eventually, though, I realized that the issue might be with the Px transmitter, so I sent an email to RadioPopper Customer Support. Then I went to a movie, because I didn't expect to get an answer for a coupla days.

Because my mom always taught me to be polite and courteous, I turn my phone off when I go to a movie (I'm looing at you, lady in row 3, seat 7.) And on this day, I wasn't going to let anything interupt me, because I was watching the new Star Trek movie. (Yes, I'm a Geek.)

When I got out in to the lobby after the thrill ride, though, I had a voicemail message waiting for me from Rachael at RadioPoppers. She had some ideas about why my transmitter wasn't working properly and asked that I call her back as soon as possible. I was impressed.

We did spend about 1/2 hour on the phone trying different tests, and concluded that I did have a firmware issue (I was an early buyer, so I had the oldest version) and if I sent the transmitter in they would turn it around the next day and get it back to me so I wouldn't lose shooting time.

I sent it in, and even ordered a second transmitter, and Racheal even upgraded the whole shipment to 2nd-day delivery at no charge, and this last weekend I was up and running again with perfect working units.

Frankly, this is the kind of service that keeps me coming back to a company. There are businesses from whom I've stopped buying products simply because I was so frustrated dealing with them, and it was great to deal with a firm that takes care of its customers.

Now, I guess because this is a "photo blog" I have to have a photo, so here's a picture of my cat.


Gary said...

Good to hear that the RadioPopper folks are so responsive! Thanks for sharing your experience.

BTW, I recognized some of the areas in your wedding photos--seems you're in the Baltimore area. Interesting that you and David Hobby (aka the Strobist) are both within a hop skip and jump from me (I'm in Columbia, within 5 miles of Hobby).


Thomas said...

Yes, I'm just south of you, down Rt. 29. And David & I used to work together at The Baltimore Sun. I was his editor, and did my best to make his every day as tough as it could be. But he still survived anyway, and now is doing much better.

Over the years this customer service thing has become much more important to me as a consumer. Darned few companies have a real person answering the phone, and even as internet-smart as I am I still get very frustrated with many "support" areas on company websites. So the RadioPoppers experience was a real treat.