Pocket Wizards on the auction block

UPDATED 10/15/09 -- These auctions have ended. Congrats to those who now are enjoying reliable long-distance flash triggering!

Now that I've filled out my RadioPopper system with the JrX transmitters and receivers, I am finally putting my old Pocket Wizards up on eBay.

I've got a couple PW transmitters, one PW Plus II transceiver, and several receivers up there, as well as a bunch of cords that I've used as part of the system (you really need the cords, at least for the receivers. All this stuff is in very good working order, though there are some scuffs and scratches on some of the cases where they show a little wear. What matters is what's on the inside, as my mom would say.

Here's the link to my stuff, if you're interested.