Return to the Comus Inn for a Disney reception

I only met Richard on the day before he married Sarah, but I knew all about how he had proposed to her at the Wishing Well in Disneyland and how his bride-to-be was very eager to have that Disney princess wedding. In truth, Sarah was as pretty as any screen princess, and the two of them had a very sweet wedding. Richard is a combat-hardened Marine, but does have a welcoming warmth and genuine niceness to him that makes him a great partner for his outgoing bride.

Richard and Sarah were married at St. Bartholomew's Catholic Church in Bethesda, Maryland, by the bride's uncle, Father Byrne, who normally is the priest at St. Peter's on Capitol Hill down in D.C. I've shot several weddings there where he presided, and it was good to see him again. As always, he gave a good homily during the ceremony. After the wedding everyone drove out to Dickerson, Maryland, to the Comus Inn for the reception. It's been about five years since I was lucky enough to shoot at the Comus Inn, and they've spruced up the place a bit since my last visit, but it's situated beautifully out in the countryside. Aside from knowing how to clasp your hands together like a princess there weren't too many Disney-themed elements there, except for the Wishing Well cake. But I'm pretty confident that these two will live happily ever after.