Meridian House plays host to Kari & Jon

I've been fortunate enough to photograph three wedding ceremonies or receptions at the Meridian House in Washington, D.C. Usually, the bride and groom have chosen it because it's such a pretty place. But in the case of Kari and Jon, they had a bit of extra inside knowledge about what a cool place it is: Kari works there.

Kari's a Minnesotan who landed in DC and found a very nice opportunity working at the International Center. Jon is a teacher and coach at St. Albans School in DC, down this way from Massachusetts. With all that geography, it turns out the two met in Colorado! She was just going in to a gym as he was coming out, and then in the hope that he'd run in to her again he went back every day and worked out for three hours. He got very buff: and he got the girl of his dreams.

Both moms participated in putting the finishing touches on Kari's wedding ensemble.

John got his first glimpse of his bride-to-be in one of the small gardens tucked away outside the house.

Family friend Abe Frajndlich made some portraits of the couple after the ceremony as a gift.

Cocktails and toasts were held in the stunning pebbled courtyard, which is graced with neat rows of linden trees that create a unique and graceful space.

From the gardens the whole event moved inside Meridian House for an elegant dinner and dancing.

Ceremony Venue: The stunning Meridian International Center, a.k.a. Meridian House
Florist: Philippa Tarrant 
Delicious food and drinks from: Occasions Caterers
Songs spun by: DJ Rusty of DJD-MAC & Associates
Planner: Melissa, whose contact information I'll give out only upon request. That's how good she is.


Kara Sweeney said...

Thomas, fantastic photos! I'm planning a wedding at Meridian House as well. Any way you could tell me who the officiant was in this wedding? Thanks.

Thomas said...

Hi, Kara — In this case it was relatives of the bride & groom who performed the ceremony, in town from the midwest. But if you want to contact me through my website ( I can send you some names of officiants in the area. Glad you like the photos! The credit there really goes to Kara & Jon for putting together such a nice party.