The Squire proclaims the wedding of Adam & Jeannie

My wife calls weddings my "anthropology projects." At each new celebration I photograph, I see new family traditions and new customs. When Adam married Jeannie at St. Anne's Episcopal Church in Annapolis, they invited Squire Richard Hillman to lead a procession from there to William Paca House and make the official proclamation announcing their nuptials. This was a first for me, and so I've added another interesting experience to my catalog of anthropologia (technical photo term.)

We began the day down at the city dock for some pictures of the wedding party. It was a chilly and blustery Saturday, but the rain held off for much of the afternoon, which was appreciated.

Then on to St. Anne's Episcopal. It's the "church" in "Church Circle" in Annapolis. Three signers of the Declaration of Independence were members here, but they were not at the wedding.

As guests were seated, a five-piece french horn ensemble played in St. Anne's Church. The acoustics in this stately and aged building were remarkable, and it was another unique touch that helped make Jeannie's ceremony with Adam so interesting and beautiful.

After the ceremony, Squire Hillman, a former mayor of the city, led the wedding party through historic Annapolis, down Main Street and by the waterfront, then over to William Paca House. There was much bell-ringing, to the delight of the wedding party and the tourists.

 The official proclamation, with a few digs at long-dead English Royalty thrown in for good measure.


Because this was a fall wedding, Jeannie had an acorn-themed cake (or, more precisely, a giant cupcake.) Blooming mums were on every table, and acorns were scattered around as accents.

 When the party finally wrapped up, the rain had moved in over the city, so the usual send-off from Paca House was a bit muted. But it was still a clean getaway.

The ceremony: St. Anne's Episcopal Church on Church Circle, Annapolis
The Squire: Richard Hillman, Watermark Annapolis Tours
The Reception: William Paca House
The Cake: Q Chocolate & Coffee
The Catering: Land and Sea, Michelle O'Brien
The Flowers: Black-eyed Susan

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