Timing is everything

Just a quick post to demonstrate what a difference a couple days makes, which is true with almost every subject you'll ever shoot.

Here is a field of aspen trees in Hyde Park, above Santa Fe, New Mexico, about ten days ago..

And here is the same scene (I think I'm about 15 yards to the left, but you get the idea) just a few days later when I returned to the park. 

I had a photo professor, the very lovable Will Counts, who said, "when you see something you want to shoot, you have to stop and shoot it right then and there, because it's never gonna be there again." He was very right about that, and on the few occasions where I've told myself I could come back and get the shot when it was more convenient I pretty much always got burned.

You can see a few more aspen photos from the area where I grew up here on my Facebook page. Go on, like me if you like them!

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